Mining Solutions

Services, studies, and research for innovative solutions in geological, mining, metallurgical and environmental processes.

We provide service and support to the global chain of the benefit of minerals: mining exploration, mineral processing, quality metal products and environmental impacts.

Our mission is exceeding the expectations of customers from their requirements, with testing and studies of high-quality, and with the aim of continuous improvement in technological and human capacities.

Accredited at the maximum level

All of our laboratories are internationally accredited at the maximum level. Other areas of service, for example inspection or sampling, are also accredited.

Our technological centers in Spain, Chile, Peru and Morocco, together with an extensive network of technical branches, put us close to any part of the world.


Biomass production, with an environmental or energetic purposes, employing effluents and/or contaminated lands, is a global solution for the mining companies. Based on a great knowledge of agronomic process and by application of advance techniques for water and soils treatment, an environmental concern can be solved and also goods production achieve. It can be a biomass fuel production, or a landscaping or an environmental solution.