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Assessment. Environmental solutions

  • Baselines for environmental impacts valuation. Preoperational feasibility.
  • Diagnosis and impacts and passive valuation (Due Dilligence).
  • Plans, projects and environmental control in mining closing operations.
  • Remediation of contaminated soils. Site rehabilitation.
  • Inspections and analysis of compulsory environmental controls.
  • Waste and tailing characterization.
  • Acid mine predictions. Acid-base accounting.
    • Potential acid generation (sulphides and sulphur species)
    • Neutralization potential
    • Net acid generation
    • Neutralization ratio
    • Heavy metals analysis
    • Natural attenuation of compounds in packed beds
    • Effluents treatments
  • Mobility studies of metals in rocks, minerals, soils, sediments and wastes. Testing capabilities include:
    • TCLP EPA 1311
    • SPLP EPA 1312
    • EN-12457-4
  • Metals speciation.
  • Sequential extraction (3, 5 and 7 steps)
  • Passive techniques for control and monitoring soils and waters contamination by leachates and spills.

Sampling and monitoring (+)

  • Surface waters, groundwater, wastes and effluents.
  • Sampling of soils, minerals, sediments and sludge.
  • Air quality monitoring: Particulate material(MP10), Gas, Meteorology and Modelation.
  • Fixed emission monitoring (Particulate material and gas).